Business Hand

I’ve learned about business handwriting from some recent jobs, or “Business Hand” as the cool kids call it.  Business handwriting began as a simpler off shoot of Spencerian Script, which you may recognize as an ornate calligraphic style.  Until about 1925, writing was quite standardized and regimented.  The most popular style was the Palmer Method, because it’s streamlined simplicity allowed writers to compete with the speed of fancy new typewriter technology. It’s legacy lives on today in elementary schools across America (remember D’Nealian?!) and it has inspired several fonts including the aptly named Business Penmanship, the rad Rolling Pen and the precious Madelinette.

Here are my first couple jobs in business hand… 

Clean envelopes for a bride named Kate, sending out her save the date(s)!

And a pretty little poem, in a pretty large size, for a client to give her Dad as a birthday surprise!  


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