Texas Hill Country Weekend

We spent an amazing weekend in the Hill Country!  (**Warning: this post contains nothing about calligraphy, is an account of my amazingly relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoyable weekend including lots of pictures of me and my love**). Our main reason for going was to attend a lovely friend’s wedding – but we took an extra day and really make the most of it!  We went the “back roads” by Matt’s request so we could actually enjoy the drive, rather than just racing down 35.  Our first stop was Becker Vineyards, which was a w e s o m e.  We keep their Iconoclast Cabernet stocked at our house, but I found a new favorite – the Claret!  And fortunately it isn’t one of the fancy “reserve” wines, so it won’t cost me and arm and a leg.

Next up was Flat Creek Estate, which actually had better live music and more idyllic vineyards, but the wine was not quite as wonderful. I just love wineries so much that I kept suggesting new locations for Matt and I to renew our vows… we haven’t even hit a year yet! Ha.

After a quick stop in the famous Luckenbach, TX (which is all of one block long) and a hop on a bull, we landed at our final destination, the amazing Edmond Ranch! It is so beautiful, open and relaxing.  Your shoulders just drop with relief when you drive in the gates.  Many thanks to the Edmond Family for the hospitality.

Somewhere in there we stopped at Peete’s Mesquite BBQ and Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. And of course, all road trips, and most normal days are powered by Perrier : )

On Sunday afternoon we went to the #foreverarmstrong wedding.  Everything was beautiful – location, the trees, the decor and most importantly, the bride! The ceremony was really personal and meaningful which always makes a difference! But here is the real kicker … it was next door to Matt’s favorite restaurant. In the whole world. Literally. The Salt Lick.

And to top it all off… We zoomed back to Dallas to celebrate some really important birthdays!  My Dad and my Brother-in-Law.  Fun to have the family all together… (look at those babies! my niece and nephew are the best/cutest/funniest children ever).


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