Calligraphy Class


A big thank you to everyone that attended Calligraphy Classes this year! I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the feedback and I am delighted to announce dates for 2015.

I hosted my first class as a trial. A trial to see if anyone would be interested. A trial to see if I would enjoy it. A trial to figure out how to do a class, logistically speaking. I am happy to report that everyone seems to be loving the classes (including me!). There has been such a great response that I’ve added seats and still had people on the waiting list. I am delighted that people are so interested in Calligraphy! 

On a personal note, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching, which I am grateful for. I know that doing a thing and teaching a thing are very different.  But I truly enjoy teaching it just as much as I enjoy Calligraphy itself.

Logistically, I have learned so much, so quickly.  Managing registration workflow. Determining which supplies are necessary and which are useless. Figuring out which time works best for which sorts of people.  Most of these details are tweaks that I’ve made from class to class, without anyone noticing.  But one change coming up will be more visible:  after considering the cost of supplies, cost of registration and now taxes (yay for a tax id!), the class price will now be $100.   No one likes to pay more dollars, but a girl needs to keep the lights on, you know? Thank you for understanding.

I can’t wait to kickoff Calligraphy classes for 2015!  So without further ado…

All classes are taught out of my home in Lake Highlands, Dallas, TX.


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