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Thanksgiving 2014

We hosted our first Thanksgiving! We started off the day at the Wilson house, then had my side of the family over for the traditional turkey dinner. Don’t worry, we did potluck and limited our culinary responsibilities to the turkey and salad.  That way, I got to focus more on the fun stuff… decor! So now you have to bear with me as I post mediocre pictures of every angle of our Thanksgiving festivities : )

It was such a nice time.  Everyone came over early to watch the game while the food finished cooking. We had places set for everyone, including baby Jack, who you may have noticed has started taking baby steps!

I think hosting is just the best thing in the world, so I was happy to do a few crafts for our first big Turkey Day.  I got the flowers from Whole Foods, thinking it would be a cinch to arrange them myself… wrong! I now have even more respect for my florist friends.  I made the banner and the table runner out of kraft paper and some white craft paint. I decided to go with block letters since they were separated by the pendants. 

My dearest friend had sent me the cute feather place cards earlier in the week – a timely surprise! Oh, and another wonderful gift… the gold utensils! Matt had poo poo’d the idea for ages… only to surprise me with them for my birthday! Sweet.

Everyone drank red wine, so we mixed up glasses very quickly.  I remembered that chalk pen writes on (and wipes off) glass perfectly, so we busted out the chalk pen to write each persons name on their drink.  Maybe I had unconsciously seen the idea on Pinterest, but it really felt like an original idea, so I’m going to hold on to that!

At the end of dinner, everyone pulled out the question that was hidden under their plate.  We all answered questions, expressed our gratefulness and reminisced on a wonderful year. Happy Thanksgiving…and now onto the Advent season!




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