Calligraphy Class

Last Class Before Baby!

What a great time! I so enjoyed the ladies that attended my final calligraphy class before baby arrives!  In addition to learning the beautiful art of calligraphy, we ate kolaches, discussed life and weddings – and laughed a lot.

I love teaching because I get to share my love for calligraphy and see people have their own ‘lightbulb’ moments. I love classes because it’s like a cocktail party (without the awkwardness) where you get to know the most interesting people you wouldn’t meet anywhere else!

I’ve taught over 100 people at my home in Dallas during this season and I looking forward to another round of classes after the baby is born (and I start sleeping with some regularity!).  I’ll post dates and details as the cloudy haze lifts!

*Thanks to Lori Wilson-Charles for these special photos! It’s always fun to have you at class


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