Katherine + Christiaan

What a beautiful wedding! Katherine has great taste in every matter, so seeing her wedding come together so beautifully was no shocker… but always a pleasant surprise! I absolutely loved her dress, her deep berry flowers and that gaggle of flower girls! I was lucky enough to do spot calligraphy for her invitations, two welcome boards, custom coasters and her lovely menu.  Our mutual friend, Rebecca Woolston, took my digital files and did the final graphic design. It was fun to collaborate with likeminded friends. And how amazing does that cake look?! Both the sign and the actual thing! Yum.

Congratulations Katherine + Christiaan!

All photos by the incredibly talented Lindsey Shea


Ben’s Graduation Chalkboards

Our friend, Ben, finished his MBA! To help celebrate, I did these little chalkboards for his graduation party, thrown by his wife at a local brewery. He graduated from SMU so I went with red for the primary lettering.  Also, I was running out of white chalk pen, so that may have influenced my decision!


Miriam’s First Birthday Party

Miriam’s first birthday party was a sweet celebrations of her first year – and mine as a mother! Her birthday marked a real turning point for me in terms of feeling normal (whatever that is!).  No longer nursing? No longer having an ‘infant’? Maybe just getting used to the swing of things? Regardless, I was delighted to celebrate with our friends and family! I actually love throwing parties anyway, so it was a good excuse to get my craft on. I did a few chalkboard signs, a canvas sign, created a gold fringe heart and even designed the cakes (which ended up costing so many dollars! Eek, lesson learned!). 

Thank you to everyone who kept us all sane our first year and celebrated with us!

Thank you as always to the best Aunt LoLo and photographer, Lori Wilson Charles, for capturing these memories.


Brighter Orange 2016

A chalkboard I did for this years Oklahoma State University fundraiser at the Dallas Country Club, welcoming guests and reminding them to post photos galore!

My mother-in-law created this event so many years ago. She has grown its attendance and fundraising power every time!  Each year we look forward to seeing all of her hard work come to fruition – and we just love the party!