Calligraphy Supplies

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I got such great feedback from the first class!  Lots of the girls were hard at work practicing which lead to several questions – I love it!  One recurring question was about supplies. So here is my list of my recommended supplies for beginners.  Of course, there are millions of options out there and gobs of amazing resources, but this is a brief list of my basics…


  1. Straight Pen Holder – This simple pen holder is a classic!  Although I recommend oblique pens for almost all projects, this straight holder is the easiest pen to work with.
  2. Zebra G Nibs – Strong, long-lasting nibs that never splatter
  3. Sumi Black Ink – Perfect black ink for almost everything! Archival ink with a good flow … and has a great easy to use spout so you don’t get black ink on yourself. Thank heavens.
  4. Ink Jar – These half ounce multipurpose jars are perfect for your ink…. either making your Sumi ink easy to access or mixing new fun colors.
  5. Mastering Copperplate by Eleanor Winters
    • The most important book I recommend is this  time tested standard for copperplate, which focuses on mastering the basics.
  6. Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe
    • This modern classic educates on the basics but is also geared towards finding your own style and creating fun projects.
  7. Practice Pad – This Bienfang pad will make your practice so much easier!  The guide lines are made specifically for calligraphy, so you can focus on your lettering rather than worrying about keeping a straight line. 

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